Updating a galley kitchen

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Can you tell us when or if this is ever a good idea? Interior Design by Bailey Mc Carthy What else are you installing?

Often when we’re looking for inspiration photos to help us plan a renovation or new build, we’re looking at photos like this (below). It’s very important that you choose everything before you simply choose different colours for your uppers and lowers.

updating a galley kitchen-17

updating a galley kitchen-9

updating a galley kitchen-68

This is another reason why I talk so much about classic and timeless finishes that seem boring to some people. as I’ve said many times before, if you think my advice to install subway tile for your backsplash must mean I have zero creativity, you can keep clicking. I can’t tell you how many times people would walk into the paint store with their countertop or tile sample and were SURPRISED when I chose a colour that RELATED to said tile or countertop. Here’s a trendy grey on the lowers:via pinterest And notice that it needs the carpet that relates to the lowers, otherwise the grey is all by itself–especially because the beams in this kitchen appear to be taupe–don’t relate to the cabinets.

Now, they did more than just paint the cabinets – they added a new backsplash, island, hardware, sink, appliances and lighting.

HOWEVER, they did swap out their exposed cabinet hinges for hidden ones.

Take an off-the-shelf builder kitchen without the furniture look of this kitchen and it would not look nearly as amazing!

Bottom line, if you are in love with grey and want to incorporate it into your kitchen, trendy or not, perhaps keep it on the lowers.

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