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Mylan, where my patches are manufactured doesn't recommend this or any other specific way.

This is just what I've learned works best for me.(I place the patch on my inner thigh, because I don't have any hair there and sometimes the patch will irritate my skin if I place it on my chest, behind my upper arm, or my back.

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You have to press strongly on the patch with a warm palm and hold it pressed firmly for 20 seconds.I have been using these patches for about 2 & 1/2 years.I do not have an addictive personality, but still I've heard war stories about how difficult it is to ween yourself off and stop using Fentanyl Patches.***Hypafix tape is fantastic, IT WILL NOT COME OFF UNTIL YOU TAKE IT OFF.Plus it is very good for people that have sensitive skin. standing for Vacuum Assisted Closure I can guarantee you there will be nothing that gets under that my Home Health Nurse brought it to my attention Dear kaismama - What great info. The muscle of upper arm works best for me, but sometimes dry out and start to peel around the edges.

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