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At best, the novelty of instantaneous, face-to-face blind dates might catch on among users inundated with e-mails, phone calls, and IMs; at worst, it might at least generate buzz for Ok Cupid.The Decision Yagan and Coyne decided that the potential rewards of press coverage and increased Web traffic from a blind-dating site outweighed the benefits of buying advertisements or developing more features for Ok Cupid.By 2007, Facebook was attracting more than 30 million visitors a month and generating 0 million a year in advertising revenue.Coyne and Yagan could try fighting back with an ambitious advertising campaign, but Yagan wasn't sure what it should look like. You might think Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), but Match is willing to spend well over per subscription." A quirky dating site seemed like a perfect fit for a guerrilla marketing campaign, but a test run, in which Coyne and Yagan spent ,000 to distribute 10,000 red roses in Boston, yielded few users. A second possibility was to embrace Facebook rather than compete against it.But the station balked, citing an editorial policy that prevented O'Keefe from doing the segment. Callie Snyder tried out the service, then blogged a review of one date gone comically bad with a young guy who professed a love for poker and pornography.

With the exception of some blog mentions and a product placement deal with an Austin radio station, KROX, no media outlets covered Crazy Blind during the first month. Yagan says he paid the station ,600 with the understanding that Deb O'Keefe, a morning deejay, would go on a blind date and endorse the website.

Furthermore, he worried that Ok Cupid risked being seen as just another widget maker in a crowded marketplace.

As various promotional options were exhausted, Yagan found his thoughts turning back to a wacky idea he and Coyne had once tossed around: a dating site with "a blind-date button." What had been little more than a running joke suddenly seemed like a way to stand out from the crowd.

It severely limited the amount of information users could see about prospective dates.

A blurred photo and a sentence-long description about one's expectations for the evening were required, with the option to answer three additional questions, including, "How will I recognize you?

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