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Before things went sour at the US Open 2015, Serena's relationship with coach Patrick Mouratoglou wasn't so bad.

She even posted a video of herself making fun of her long rumored boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou on Instagram.

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I cant blame the sister, after all the black dudes have finish licking all her honey and sugar she has settled to give the remnant to her innocent french coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, who is her Tennis coach and also her bad holder. Is it not better for her to have a man than for her to have many dogs?

That's one of the reasons why Drake has commitment issues.

[Sandi] has been pumping up his ego since the day he was born, telling him how 'perfect' and how 'amazing' he is." But seeing how Serena Williams is more famous, more accomplished, richer and more successful than Drake is, she may have no problem convincing Drake's mother that she is well worth her rapper son.

Serena Williams is not dating Drake, despite reports they were seen looking very close at dinner, multiple sources tell Page Six.

The pair was photographed “making out” at Sotto restaurant in Cincinnati on Sunday, according to TMZ, just hours after he watched her win at the Women’s Tennis Association tournament.

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