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The issue of conflicts was visited several times throughout the day-long DAC meeting, because it touched on almost every topic and planning effort under discussion.We will be hearing a lot about Disturbance Caps (DCs) in the future.The future of Rockhounding in the Cady Mountains, Lavic Siding, Afton Canyon, and many other favorite collecting areas within MTNM's footprint is going to be decided with or without your input. Contact Lisbet Thoresen at [email protected], if you have questions, input, or you want to ask her to make a presentation to your club.

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Some of these lands were originally designated for development in the Draft DRECP, but after receiving numerous detailed comment letters from Rockhounds, they were re-designated to accommodate hobby collecting in the DRECP Record of Decision published on September 14, 2016.


Left: DRECP Preferred Alternative Plan in February 2015 showing Development Focus Areas (DFAs)(magenta-colored areas), targeted for utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Among the topics of particular interest to Rockhounds was a presentation on DRECP by Russell Scofield, BLM Natural Resource Specialist.

He is new to Southern California, and perhaps more than any other single person, Mr.

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