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I often receive emails from people who are worried that they are overweight or not attractive enough to swing successfully.But swingers are such a broad range of couples and singles.In life, we often allow our fear to dictate how we view the situation instead of testing our fears to see if they're in fact real.Q: DO YOU TELL YOUR PARTNER ALL ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE YOU HAVE SEX WITH?Some of the images we include are sexual in nature.But if you're a single man and your pictures wont include a spouse, don't pose only nude photos unless they're true pieces of art!A: ALWAYS share the details of your sexual encounters with your partner.That's part of the inclusion aspect of swinging - even if your husband or wife is not they're physically, include them in your exciting experience by telling them all about it.

A: The most common question I receive is how to deal with jealousy and fear when you open up your relationship and how to handle your partner being in bed with someone else.Walk and talk your way through your fears and figure out exactly what is bothering you.After that, it's important to communicate those fears to your partner and work through them together.Sure, you will find people who want that uber-fit guy but there will be plenty of others who are looking for that cute teddy bear physique!Of course, if you're not truly happy with your weight, take a look at yourself and see what you can do. A: Typically we organize a threesome online or at swingers event.

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