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She was discovered in her home country of Barbados by American record producer Evan Rogers.

Without a name or any material, the girl group managed to land an audition with Rogers who commented, "The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn't exist".

Charlie Sheen gets a standing ovation in Cleveland.

Nick Cannon rather regrets taking "nasty" naked pictures with Mariah.

The gorgeous singer was spotted in a lip-lock Monday with none other than Aubrey Graham, a child actor-turned-rapper.

The pair were at the Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in New York City, where Rihanna reportedly sipped whiskey and apple juice and made out with Aubrey. He's currently signed to Cash Money and Universal Motown Records, and is at work on his debut album.

Nick Cannon was on Howard Stern's Sirius show today, so of course he was talking about weird shit and of course it concerned his favorite topic, his wife Mariah Carey. Miranda Lambert "harvests" some venison for her wedding. Sunday gossip is just friends with Salman Rushdie, really.

After releasing four consecutive platinum studio albums, including the Grammy Award winner Unapologetic (2012), she was recognized as an icon of today's music.Some caps become all caps; "don't-miss" becomes "can't-miss"; I have now read the words "burlesque" and "cabaret" so many times that they have lost all meaning. See how Nick's fingers are tensed, his thumbs outstretched and gripping? This is not an Angelina adds a new coordinate to the tattooed list of her children's birthplaces. That's sweet and undoubtedly key to getting along with her (you know how much she loves her lambs), but it's rare to hear so much revealed about a woman of such stature via her husband. (Fun fact: Lindsay Lohan crashes, and then gets kicked out of, Marc Jacobs' party. Heidi Montag works out 14 hours a day and has "shooting pains" in her breasts. Beyonce's dress isn't ready for her jelly. Confederate flag enthusiast Kid Rock gets an award from the NAACP. Like most expecting parents, the couple drove to the hospital in their Rolls-Royce Phantom; according to Carey's publicist Cindi Berger, Cannon "was so nervous he went to the wrong department at the hospital." Carey is apparently "done" with having children.Mariah, 45, and Nick, 34, have been battling about money and custody of their twins since he filed the divorce papers four months ago and even though there is a prenuptial agreement Nick is willing to air their dirty laundry — for a big fat check.'Nick says he is going to tell the world about Mariah's drug use, her strange eating habits, psychosis, what she has said about other artists, her sexual proclivities and her parenting skills.It which will really be hurtful,' the insider continued.'If Nick was not willing to spill all of their nasty and salacious secrets he would not have gotten a book deal.

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