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You are indeed correct that many of the B/W destys on the early 50′ blinds covered ‘shorts’ with the only official "full" black/white blind ‘end’ route being the West Shore (extension from North Scale), North Scale to Cemetery, with the shorts to St. If you need a link to what was on which route do please let me know, (they are mainly in order related to the colour from the blind you listed).

Didn’t LT, early ’70s, use blue blinds for "limited stop" services (615, Poplar – St Paul’s; 616, Oxford Circus[? Burnley & Pendle used blue blinds, certainly in the 80s – they were thought to reduce glare and make the white lettering more visible at night-time. However, I recall some United Bovas running on National Express duties with red destination blinds.(In each case the lettering in quote marks above was white,.In later years, only the red or blue blinds seemed to be in use.Doncaster CT ran two trolleybus routes on the eastern side, one to Beckett Road and one to Wheatley Hills.The two buses always ran together, nose to rear through the town centre until, I assume, the routes divided.

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